Fiscal & Facilities Management

Donna Gabriel Robins Elementary

Vision: The Board will continue to create a supportive and positive culture with employees and maximize resources to enhance student achievement.

Goal: Maintain and improve facilities and operations in support of students through effective and efficient allocation of resources.



  • Continue to work towards a balanced budget structure.
  • Develop a sustainable funding model for technology.
  • Provide funding for Strategic Plan initiatives, i.e.:
    • Outdoor Classrooms
    • Technology Plan
    • Classroom Furniture Upgrades
    • Fleet Replacement
    • Wi-Fi in Classrooms
    • Building Upgrades
    • Increase the Number of Childcare Spaces
  • Implement the recommendations of the Enterprise Risk Assessment – Organizational Resources and Outdated Business Systems:
    • Business Process Automation
      • Streamline Onboarding/Offboarding Processes by September 2021
    • Implement Online Forms
      • Update Policies and Procedures, and provide hyperlinks where required
      • Digitization and modernization of school forms (i.e., field trips, consent, etc.)
  • Support the new Enterprise Document System (i.e., Laserfiche, SharePoint)


Goal: To inspire, support, enhance and transform learning through the use of technology, empowering all learners to innovate and reach their full potential.



  • Create a road map for a sustainable IT infrastructure (students/staff laptops, school computer labs/carts, wireless, telephony, network & storage equipment, district hardware/software maintenance) to support online teaching and learning.
  • Create Projector Refresh Strategy and Standards – December 2021.
  • Increase awareness of FOIPPA requirements.
  • Utilize Office 365 to take advantage of all its capabilities.

Goal: Continue to work with the Ministry of Education to acquire funding to build additional schools.



  • Update the School Site Acquisition Charge (SSAC).
  • Develop a plan for schools in the Brookswood/Fernridge area of development.
  • Develop the Annual Five-Year Capital Plan.
  • Refresh the Long Term Facilities Plan (LTFP).

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