Fiscal & Facilities Management

Vision: The Board will continue to create a supportive and positive culture with employees and maximize resources to enhance student achievement.

Goal: Maintain and improve facilities and operations in support of students through effective and efficient allocation of resources.



  • Continue to work towards a balanced budget structure
    • The District continues to work for equity in the system which doesn’t always mean equal support as some areas in the District require additional funding to create equity

Completed & Ongoing

  • Ongoing and completed funding for Strategic Plan initiatives:
    • Outdoor Classrooms
      • Completed – all Elementary and Middle schools have an outdoor classroom; all Secondary schools have an outdoor space for outdoor learning
    • Classroom Furniture Upgrades
      • Will still need to use surplus funds to replace older furniture over the next few years
    • Fleet Replacement
      • Will still need to use surplus funds to replace older fleet over the next few years
    • Wi-Fi in Classrooms
      • All Secondary schools have had their Wi-Fi upgraded
    • Building Upgrades
      • Upgrades to Aldergrove Secondary, Betty Gilbert Middle, Vanguard Secondary, HD Stafford Middle and Nicomekl Elementary
    • Increase the number of childcare spaces
      • Additional space with the opening of Donna Gabriel Robins Elementary
      • Supports for Seamless Day
    • Implement the recommendations of the Enterprise Risk Assessment — Organizational Resources and outdated Business Systems:
      • Business Process Automation
        • Streamline Onboarding/Offboarding Processes by September 2021
          • Onboarding process automation began early March 2022 for teachers, and is now implemented for all labour groups
      • Implement Online Forms
      • Update Policies and Procedures, and provide hyperlinks where required
        • All Policies and Administrative Procedures are on the website and forms are being linked to them as they are developed
      • Digitization and modernization of school forms (i.e., field trips, consent, etc.)
        • A secure parent consent web form was implemented for September 2021. The form consolidates four consents in one web form for parents.
        • In the process of implementing a new cloud-based form submission and routing technology, Permission Click. Permission Click will be configured and ready for form development and testing in June 2022. Form priorities include student registration, field trips, and consent forms.


  • Develop a sustainable funding model for technology
    • 2023-2024 school year and move the funding to the technology budget we will have achieved the targeted budget
  • Wi-Fi in classrooms
    • Elementary and Middle will be upgraded over the next three to four years
  • Support the new Enterprise Document System (i.e., Laserfiche, SharePoint)
    • An outside services contract has been put in place to support Laserfiche and the business applications built on it
    • Continue to add resources and/or outside services to provide support for the business applications it uses, mature in its use of new systems, and develop strategies for information management and application service delivery to help direct the use of document repositories, forms submission, routing and approval systems, and application development tools


Goal: To inspire, support, enhance and transform learning through the use of technology, empowering all learners to innovate and reach their full potential.



  • Create a road map for a sustainable IT infrastructure (students/staff laptops, school computer labs/carts, wireless, telephony, network & storage equipment, hardware/software maintenance) to support online teaching and learning
    • IT has created an evergreen projected cost for the next three years for the following IT infrastructure areas:
      • Students/Staff Laptops
      • School Computer Labs/Carts
      • Wireless
      • Telephony
      • Network & Storage Equipment
      • District Hardware/Software Maintenance
      • Servers
      • Administration Workstations
      • Cloud Computing Cost
  • Create projector refresh strategy and standards – December 2021
    • Began projector refresh; mapping of every SD35 classroom was completed
    • Staff to be dedicated to the installation of the equipment (agreement with Union)
  • Increase awareness of FOIPPA requirements
    • All new staff are required to attend and pass provincially-approved FOIPPA training
  • Utilize Office 365 to take advantage of all its capabilities
    • During the pandemic, IT worked in partnership with Instructional Services to implement a full integration of Office 365 including the online teaching classroom
    • Communication channels between District, schools, teachers and staff were implemented using Microsoft Teams
    • Students have Office 365; Microsoft Classroom has become an integral part of the District

Goal: Continue to work with the Ministry of Education to acquire funding to build additional schools.


  • Update the School Site Acquisition Charge (SSAC)
    • Approval process completed; implementation in late June once the 60-day notice period expires
  • Develop a plan for schools in the Brookswood/Fernridge area of development
    • Work has started but has been put on hold pending the approval of neighbourhood plans by the Township of Langley
  • Develop the Annual Five-Year Capital Plan
    • Major capital will be presented at the June Regular Board Meeting and minor capital will be presented at the September Regular Board Meeting


  • Refresh the Long Term Facilities Plan (LTFP)
    • Will be done in early 2023 once the new Board of Education has been elected. Completed every 5 years; last done December 2017

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