Human & Social Development


Goal: Every school will continue to develop strategies for developing compassionate learning communities, nurturing the gifts of all students.



  • Implement social emotional learning school-wide using district vetted resources in Langley’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Guide.
  • Implement Trauma Informed Practice in schools.
  • Implement rationale and strategies from Ensouling our Schools learning sessions (providing a lens through Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives) in all schools.
  • Establish a Vision and Action Plan focusing on anti-racism.
  • Engage community, staff and students in anti-racism professional development and curriculum.
  • Purchase and develop resources to support anti-racism work in schools and promoting courses that deal with anti-racism, with a particular focus on English First Peoples 10–12 courses.
  • Engage staff in the Equity in Action project with a focus on addressing systemic barriers that are impacting Aboriginal student achievement.
  • Ensure School Action Plans reflect specific goals in relation to our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, Anti-Racism and Inclusion with a focus on the success of Aboriginal learners, children and youth in care, and learners with diverse abilities.


Goal: Promote the Mental Health in Schools Strategy, through embedding positive mental health in all aspects of the education system, including culture, leadership, curriculum and learning environments.



  • Continue with staff training of Mental Health Literacy (MHL).
  • Implement district-wide plan for MHL for students that incorporates Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives.
  • Create and implement a 3-5 year strategic plan to implement recommendations from the Healthy Staff Healthy Schools working group.

Performance Indicators

  • Grade to Grade Transitions
  • Student Learning Survey (Grades 4, 7, 10, and 12)
  • Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) (Grades 5, 6 and 8)
  • Tell them from Me Survey (Grades 8, 9, and 11)
  • Grad Exit Survey
  • Completion Rates
  • School Action Plan Review
  • Attendance rates

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