Early Learning

Goal: Develop and implement an Early Learning Plan to assist with transition into Kindergarten and seamlessly through to Grade 4.



  • Support collaborative teams within schools in response to student learning interests and needs.
  • Explicitly link the Early Learning Framework and the BC Curriculum in Professional Development for staff.
  • Collaborate with Early Learning Community Partners.
  • Implement the Seamless K Program Pilot.
  • Engage with Administrators, StrongStart Facilitators and Teachers K-3 throughout the District regarding the new vision of Early Learning in Langley.

Performance Indicators

  • Foundation Skills Assessments (FSAs)
  • District Numeracy Assessments (DNA Grades 3, 6 and 9)
  • District Writing Assessments (DWA Grade 5)
  • Provincial Numeracy Assessment (Grade 10)
  • Proficiency Levels (Report Cards)
  • Early Development Instrument (EDI)
  • Reading Levels Primary
  • Aboriginal “How are We Doing?” Report
  • School Action Plan Reviews
  • Student Learning Surveys (Grades 4, 7, 10, and 12)
  • Tell Them from Me Survey (Grades 8, 9, and 11)
  • Middle Development Instrument – MDI (Grades 5, 6 and 8)
  • Provincial Literacy Assessment (Grades 10 and 12)

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