Career Development

Goal: All students will transition successfully from secondary school with the core competencies to achieve their life and career goals.




  • Implement full version of Capstone for all students including Capstone Project, Student Learning Journey Portfolio and Student Transition Plan.
  • Develop Career Essential Skills and Benchmarks for Career Education and connect these to Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Literacies.
  • All students will curate a digital portfolio of artifacts, chosen from learning experiences both inside and outside of school, that will document their learning and growth over time K-12.


  • Continue professional development of school and district staff and implement effective marketing strategies aimed at students and parents to promote awareness of district opportunities and programs that support student transitions to the trades.
  • Research and develop district opportunities and programs that support student transitions beyond the trades.
  • Research and develop career related opportunities to expose intermediate and middle school students to post-secondary transition pathways.

Building Capacity

  • Continue capacity building of Career Education teachers in secondary schools to support Career courses and transitions for students.
  • Continue ongoing updates of career curriculum databases.
  • Focus on developing Career Education teams at the middle school level.
  • Focus on Career Transition planning between middle and secondary school.


Goal:All students will have the skills and knowledge to utilize technology effectively and safely.



  • Maintain a predictable and sustainable school and staff device refresh plan that ensures equity and access to students across the District.
  • Create and implement a Digital Literacies scope and sequence K-12.
  • Create learning opportunities and resources for parents to support Digital Citizenship.
  • Build technology capacity in elementary/middle schools with teacher leaders.
  • Maintain Pedagogical Helpdesk model to support District platforms/Apps and related pedagogy.
  • Pilot and support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programs in secondary schools.
  • Support elementary teachers with coaching opportunities to foster effective use of technology to move learning forward.

Performance Indicators

  • Transitions to Post-Secondary
  • School Completion Rates
  • Enrolment in Work and Volunteer Experience (WAVE), Youth TRAIN in Trades and Youth WORK
  • Grad Exit Survey
  • Staff Technology Support Survey
  • Attendance Rates

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