Vision: The Board will work with community partners to help each student reach their full potential.

Goal: Strengthen relationships and communication with community groups while providing opportunities for students to contribute to the community.



  • Work with community partners to support early learning initiatives.
  • Work with community partners to implement mental health initiatives.
  • Work with community partners in the review of the District Communications Plan.
  • Continue effective community consultation processes.
  • Maintain ongoing liaison meetings with the City and Township of Langley, partner groups and other government representatives.
  • Support District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) to maintain meaningful parent involvement.
  • Support the work of the Human Dignity Coalition.
  • Continue to work with community agencies with respect to Hiring to Diversity.
  • Enhance relationships with post-secondary institutions and establish early post-secondary experiences for students.
  • Provide after school opportunities for community members to serve as mentors for students.
  • Support the Langley Youth Resource Centre (Hub).
  • Expand the Early Learning Hub.
  • Work with community partners to establish additional daycare, before and after school care, and preschool services in Langley.
  • Further development of social purpose events held in the District (Evening of Inspiration, Service Above Self Student Youth Program, Youth Philanthropy Initiative).
  • Work with community partners to implement anti-racism initiatives.

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